A new vision is born!

Today a new vision is born for the GLBT/Ally hockey community. One where people no matter their skill, knowledge, or ability can come together to enjoy the worlds best sport.

COGLAHA is open to all persons regardless of their age, race, sexuality, or ability to play.  With both on ice events and off ice events, we strive to bring together people over the sport we all love, or will learn to love.

What are the goals of COGLAHA?  Well thats is simple. Our two main objectives are to bring the sport of hockey to GLBT persons and our straight allies in central Ohio.  This is through hosting our own social/”beer” league games as well as just getting together watch some Blue Jackets or Ohio State hockey on TV/in person.

People that haven’t ever played before are welcome to come out and meet our players and discover ways to play or new friends to goto a game with.  Our league games are very social, low competitive, and ideally fun for all skill levels.  If you new to skating we can help hook you up with other people that can either help teach you or direct you to resources to help you get better!  If you’re a hockey old timer, we will have lots of opportunity for you to get some time on the ice.